RALEIGH — Twenty years ago, people were coming to Missy Boyd for advice. So the mother-of-two started the Raleigh-based business called Super Families and became a life coach.

“I started doing trainings, kind of like Tupperware parties out of my home,” she explained, “and it’s just evolved over time with the needs of families that I’ve gotten to know.”

Then, it was trainings on bedtime routine and potty training. Today, it’s virtual learning.

As schools across the Triangle increasing look like they’re moving straight to Plan C with full-time virtual learning in the fall, she, along with her business partner Cindi Gendron, are working to help families get ready. She’s offering one-on-one consultations — in person or virtually — to get a student’s space and scheduled organized.

“Many are really concerned and not sure how to manage their children not going to school and having to learn from home,” she said. “We’re just setting up structure for success in the home.”

Missy Boyd

Cindi Gendron

For an initial $80 consultation, plus a one-time $65 fee, they meet with students and families separately, make an individualized plan and create a color-coded system to help kids with “checks and balances and maintaining structure.”

They work with all age groups, but sessions are mostly pitched for students aged 10-18.

In recent months, Boyd said she’s definitely had an uptick in calls for her service. “We have a lot of families who are very invested in their children’s success at school, and there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding this new style of learning. Parents really just want to be sure that they are doing all the best and right things that they can to ensure their kids success.”