Two trillion dollars is a lotta money — government stimulus and budget deficit kind of money. But three American tech companies each could soon be valued at that 13-digit amount.

Apple and Microsoft are each worth more than $1.6 trillion today. Amazon has a market capitalization above $1.5 trillion. They are all trading near record highs, and each is about 20% to 25% below a $2 trillion market cap. All could all hit the $2 trillion threshold within the next year or two if they keep posting solid results.

Wall Street is clearly a fan of Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos of Amazon. These companies helped propel the Nasdaq to an all-time high above 10,000 on June 9 despite concerns about Covid-19.

Apple is minting money from iPhone sales, and its services unit, the division that includes Apple Pay, Apple Music and the App Store, is rapidly growing.

Microsoft is generating strong sales and profit from its Office 365 subscription suite of software, while Amazon is delivering more goods than ever to Prime subscribers and other consumers stuck at home during the pandemic.

Both Microsoft and Amazon also are leaders in the lucrative cloud computing market with their highly profitable Azure and AWS businesses.

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