CHARLOTTEApparo, a Charlotte nonprofit aimed at helping other local nonprofit organizations leverage technology, wants to celebrate local tech heroes.

To that end, it is now accepting submissions for two technology awards: the TechExec Community Impact Award and the Economic Opportunity Award.

The first celebrates Charlotte technology leaders with a proven track record of donating their time, talents, and financial support to nonprofits in need. Apparo honors the award winner at their fall Community Impact Breakfast, awarding them $5,000 of pro bono support to gift to a nonprofit of their choice.

“The TechExec Award is an opportunity for Apparo to celebrate a technology professional who is using their expertise and influence for good,” said Kim Lanphear, Apparo’s Chief Executive Officer, in a statement. “Although IT professionals are usually behind the scenes, this award puts them in the spotlight and acknowledges them for their efforts.”

Meanwhile, the Economic Opportunity Award, in partnership with Accenture, focuses on helping local nonprofits who want to use technology to increase economic mobility in Charlotte. One lucky nonprofit will be awarded $10,000 in cash and receive an additional $50,000 in free consulting.

After an initial survey and consulting session, Apparo’s pro bono consultants work with nonprofits to brainstorm how technology can solve their biggest challenges. They then assist the nonprofits in building a proposal for a tech-based solution that can maximize the organization’s work.

“As we continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to leverage technology has become more important to nonprofit organizations than ever before,” Lanphear said in a statement. “The impact of this award can be seen throughout our community, in the ways previous winners are coming out stronger than ever through the crisis.”

Apparo is accepting nominations for the TechExec Community Impact Award until Tuesday, August 11. Eligible nonprofits interested in participating in the Mission Possible Award must complete a survey and schedule an initial consulting session by Friday, October 9.