With weekly updates to keep content fresh and relevant, our exclusive Triangle Startup Guide is a huge part of our new Startup Monday series.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact local startups and small businesses, we’ve been consistently adding COVID-19 funding and support resources to the guide. Click here for the full list of resources.

Here’s a summary of what we added last week:

  • We added some links about North Carolina’s new facemask requirement. Small businesses could be cited if they don’t comply with the mandate.
  • We added a link to Best Accounting Software’s state-by-state resource guide, which ranks states based on their COVID-19 support.
  • We added a link to American Underground’s new Landing Spot Program, which provides people who’ve lost their jobs the resources and support they need to start their own business. Five startups were selected to participate last week.
  • We added a link to NCWorks, which has a resource list covering layoff/closure preparation and prevention, unemployment insurance resources, and other areas impacting businesses.

As always, if we missed a resource you think should be added, please don’t hesitate to submit it for inclusion. You can email me directly, tweet me @shannoncuthrell or use this contact form.

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