RALEIGH – At a time when the fight for racial equality is dominating headlines, Creative Allies is stepping up to help black-owned businesses thrive.

This week, the Raleigh-based content marketing firm is offering a giveaway of five logo designs to lucky winners.

“We’ll run a design contest for them for free and help promote what they are doing,” explained its CEO Amie Thompson, who is African American and also an investor in the company.

“As the world changes right before our eyes, it is more important than ever to discover new ways to get your brand front and center. That can be a challenge for underserved businesses.”

How it works: Business owners enter the contest via the company’s website; the Creative Allies team will then choose five black-owned businesses as winners, and host a free logo design contest for each.

Winners can expect at least 50 custom designs to choose from and share with their network before choosing the one to represent their brand.

“The Creative Allies team is excited to offer this opportunity,” the company said. “A great logo allows you to always have a noticeable design that you can add to the top of your letterhead or on your business card, or right on your sign out front.”

The initiative comes just weeks after public outrage over the killing of George Floyd at the hands of police. That event triggered global protests culminating with President Donald Trump signing an executive order for several police reforms on Tuesday.

African American CEO at Creative Allies: ‘Doing something positive’ right now is important for change