RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Lenovo began making job cuts Thursday morning in the Triangle with its Data Center business group that’s based in RTP being heavily hit, according to internet posts and tips sent to WRAL TechWire.

The cuts come almost a year to the day after some 500 workers were let go in the server group. By Thursday afternoon several more workers said they had lost their jobs.

Lenovo has not yet responded to requests for comment. How many workers were affected is not clear.

“I just got told I’m being let go. Almost 21 years between IBM and Lenovo to the day full time and couple years of co-ops before that,” one affected worker wrote at the internet jobs site

“It feels really strange leaving the place that’s pretty much been a constant for over half my life. I’m excited to try something new but it sure feels different right now.”

Wrote one worker: “I just got laid off from the DCG BU. I basically get a 6 week severance with 3 months health. Lenovo continues with their yearly tradition. There are more impacted, I don’t know the whole number.”

Another poster noted: “Just got laid off in RTP DCG. DCG got hit hard this year with 8 people in just my small department being laid off.”

Lenovo’s data center business is built around the IBM server group it acquired in 2014. In 2019 the group’s marketshare and revenue both shrank in 2019, according to research firm IDC.

However, Lenovo apparently is not cutting jobs in its personal computer and smart devices group (PCSD). Lenovo is the world’s top seller of PCs.

“Met with Director today for 1:1 and she said no layoffs at all in PCSD,” one post at The Layoff reads.

“Sounds like it is all confined to DCG and very small minimal impact.”

WRAL TechWire reported in late April that Lenovo was letting go independent contractors while also mulling the possibility of making layoffs among full-time employees and feeezing pay.

Sources: Lenovo cutting contractor jobs, mulls layoffs, freezing pay

“Lenovo began laying off a significant number of people in their DCG segment this morning with the field sales division being significantly impacted among others,” a tipster told TechWire via email.

“The Layoffs have started in DCG and RTP today,” another tip said.

The job actions come just over a week after Lenovo reported its latest financial results and noted that increased demand for PCs due to work-at-home requirements triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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