RALEIGH — Say goodbye to disposable menus. A Raleigh startup has unveiled its “touchless menu” technology that enables guests to broadcast digital menus onto their smart devices, almost instantly.

North Carolina enters Phase 2 of its three-step reopening plan Friday at 5 p.m. At that time, restaurant dining rooms and salons, spas and tattoo parlors can reopen.

TOURTech says it supporting social distancing guidelines and helping to reduce “multi-touch” items that can spread COVID-19 and other germs.

“We all want to reopen bars and restaurants, but in the safest possible way,” said Allen Cook, founder and CEO of TOURtech, in a statement.

“Our technology provides safe ordering for customers and staff so restaurant owners can focus on what they do best—giving people a great dining experience.”

How it works:  The Touchless Menu system is integrated into one complete unit. Businesses simply plug the provided box into a power source and customize their menus with drag-and-drop tools, and the system is ready to use.

Menus or other important messages appear on customers’ smart devices when they connect to the restaurant’s personalized menu WiFi signal, broadcast by the Touchless Menu system.

Cook said, in addition to the health benefits, transitioning to digital menus helps businesses cut printing costs, increase the speed and flexibility of menu changes and reduce waste.

“It is also an affordable option for businesses of varying sizes,” he said.

Cook originally launched TOURtech in 2007 as a touring IT company for concerts. Today, it offers temporary WiFi installations, equipment management, IT consulting, network design, CCTV and intelligence technology, bandwidth and connectivity support, touchless menu technology and more.