BURLINGTON – Adam Schechter, chief executive officer at Burlington-based life science giant LabCorp, says the current capacity for COVID-19 testing is sufficient to support a reopening of the US economy.

In an interview with CNBC Wednesday morning, Schechter noted: “I’m not convinced that we need to have 2 to 3 million tests per day. I believe that we are ready to start to open up states with the testing that’s available today and that’s only going to increase over the coming weeks.”

Adam Schechter

Citing the Covid Tracking Project, CNBC said the US processed 289,472 tests on Tuesday. Nearly 10 million tests since January.

LabCorp is one of the firms marketing COVID-19 related tests.

“I think that it’s still unknown exactly how many tests are going to be needed, but I do think different industries are going to look at testing differently and even certain employers will look at testing differently for certain employees than others,” Schechter said.

LabCorp also is “in talks with large employers to help them screen employees to safely get workers back in the office, he said, adding that an announcement is coming tomorrow,” CNBC reported.

“We are going to do everything we possibly can to help employers get employees back to work,” he said.