RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Two Raleigh-based Internet of Things startups, WISER Systems and TagoIO, will demo their location-based asset tracking solutions during an upcoming webinar hosted by IoT news publication Sensors Daily.

In the webinar, set for May 13 at 1 p.m. on Zoom, WISER Systems will show how its wireless location tracking system pairs with TagoIO‘s asset management software. This integration can serve many areas, such as aerospace maintenance and repair, work-in-progress tracking and logistics in manufacturing operations. But the most relevant use case to be presented in the webinar is the emerging demand for contact tracing in healthcare, a new necessity in the COVID-19 era.

WISER’s Redundant Radio Localization and Tracking (RRLT) system reports real-time location data through computers or mobile devices in manufacturing environments. TagoIO provides a system for businesses to keep track of their products through an IoT-connected cloud platform.

WISER Systems spokesperson Stephen Taylor says that the company will present a detailed example of how one of its customers pairs the locator solution with GPS to track municipal buses in a large midwest city.

“GPS gives our customer the buses’ real-time location as they move throughout the city, and then our solution gives a detailed and precise picture of bus locations even inside GPS-occluded garages,” Taylor says. “Having a constant picture of where the buses are, right down to an individual parking spot, helps save time and effort when vehicles need to be dispatched, cleaned and refueled.”

TagoIO CMO Cris Masselle says that the webinar will primarily be focused on asset tracking, but contract tracing will be one of the use cases demonstrated. In addition to this application, TagoIO’s IoT solution is used for cold chain management, smart agriculture, warehouse logistics and industrial applications.

Masselle added that she hopes attendees will leave the webinar with an understanding of how these use cases can apply to their specific needs. “If you’ve been thinking about adding IoT technology to your business, we have great partners you can work with to get you the best results. Or if you already have the sensors to monitor every aspect of your business, or you’re looking to create your own solution, TagoIO is the premier platform to supercharge your solution,” Masselle says.

For both companies, the webinar is an opportunity to identify new customers or tech partners.

“We’re part of an industry where seeing is believing, especially since a lot of what our locator solution delivers is pretty new to the world,” Taylor said. “As a result, live demos are almost always the best way for us to boost company exposure and get our message out.”

Additionally, the presentation will be a venue to show how two useful pieces of technology can work together to solve a common goal. Taylor says that one of the biggest hurdles to IoT deployment is interoperability and the need for collaboration between different products.

“We’re hoping that people who see our solution at work with TagoIO’s IoT platform will see that these are not insurmountable issues,” Taylor added. “Also, we’re hoping to show just how valuable this kind of tech partnership is, demonstrating the advantages that each piece of the solution contributes to a greater whole.”