CHARLOTTE – Investors, get ready for some advanced insights driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

Tradier, a Charlotte-based online brokerage specializing in API and White Label platforms, has teamed with, a Forbes company, to offer a trading platform utilizing “machine-learning algorithms, multi-factor models and other deep quantituative tools.”

“We are excited to partner with innovative companies like that bring a true opportunity to change the industry and power retail investors with the great technology, data, and AI-based insights,” said Dan Raju, co-founder and CEO of Tradier, in a statement “ is looking to transform the way trading Intelligence is delivered into a content-rich experience.”, meanwhile, said the collaboration aligns with its mission to democratize access to AI and other quantitative investing methodologies.

“As active investors and traders, the team at understands the value of real-time data and insights to retail investors, and our AI-based engines will help them get a better edge on the market,” said CEO and Founder Stephen Mathai-Davis. “Tradier brings a wealth of experience and, most importantly, advanced APIs and platform capabilities to help us further our mission of changing the way investors achieve their goals.”