ASHEVILLESimpleTix, a ticketing tech startup based out of Asheville, now integrates directly with video conferencing software Zoom.

The result: struggling musicians and artists can charge for their  online events.

“We know that getting back to normal will take some time. In the meantime, artists, musicians, performers, educators, bands, and entertainers still need to find a way to engage their audience,” said Lauren Javors, SimpleTix’s customer success manager. “We’re proud to be part of the answer.”

Its founder, Aron Kansal, says it is the first-ever ticketing and event registration application to offer total integration with Zoom, delivering “critical capabilities” to a broad range of customers in the COVID-19 age.

Organizers can also use SimpleTix’ Box Office app to manage everything related to the event from their phone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Source: SimpleTix

Among its features: tracking up-to-the-minute ticket sales and attendance, retrieving information for check-in, taking secure payments through Square, scanning tickets and monitoring attendance in real-time.

“Our integration with the platform ensures that our customers benefit from seamless, simple operation,” Kansal said.

Already, there is a growing list of early adopters, including Sacramento Comedy Spot, which is currently broadcasting shows live via Zoom/SimpleTix and allowing audience members to buy tickets online.

NoThymeToCook is also using the one-two-powerhouse to deliver cooking classes to a broader audience than ever before.

“Even churches and religious organizations are getting in on the act to expand their audience,” Kansal said.