WILMINGTONLifeGait, a startup developing motion tracking sensors that analyze walking gait to identify symptoms or changes in health, has raised roughly $170,000 in equity.

Six investors contributed to the round, according to a recent securities filing, which kicked off last December.

The Wilmington-based startup is looking to raise an additional $330,000 to meet its $500,000 goal.

Incorporated in 2015, LifeGait is a startup leveraging the Internet of Things, big data and patented gait technology to develop health and safety products.

It is located in the University of North Carolina Wilmington Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and is the parent company to three entities: SportGait, SeniorGait and MedGait.

SportGait, in particular, has gained traction in recent years, raising more than $2 million since 2017.

It uses its concussion management platform to provide tools and resources to identify, track and monitor concussion-related symptoms.

SportGait’s concussion management system includes three products — biokinetographs, a sideline coaches app, and a parent/athlete app.

Wilmington-based SportGait raises additional $835,000 (+ video)