RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – How can you find a job in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with millions of people across the country having already lost their jobs and many businesses are furloughing or laying off employees?

Don’t lose hope. You need to know that many companies are still recruiting for open positions. For example, jobs website currently shows hundreds of open positions at big-name companies in the Triangle. And in a survey conducted by the NC Technology Association, many NC tech firms say they are still hiring.

So, how to get one of those jobs?

WRAL TechWire talked with three job recruiting/placement experts to get their advice for job seekers:


Craig Stone:

Craig Stone

  • What advice can you offer for people seeking employment right now?

Demand is down so you must be patient, knowing it may some time to land a new role in this market. Even if you secure a new job, start dates may be farther out than normal. I know that is really hard when you are suddenly without an income.

Look for the companies that are less effected by COVID-19 – tech, healthcare, consumer goods, etc.

If you are employed, now is the time to do your best work! Try to stay invaluable and employed.

  • How can people seeking work better improve their resumes to draw more attention – willing to telecommute?

It certainly does not hurt if you have been a successful telecommuter.  Not sure if it means as much if it has only been for a couple of weeks.

  • What’s your best advice to job seekers right now?​

I would add that if they are employed, maybe look for a part time consulting or side gig that doesn’t take away from their full time job.

If you are unemployed, I would consider helping more than one company part time so you have the equivalent of a full time job or at least until you land a full time position.

Jake Shepherd:

Jake Shepherd

  •  What advice can you offer for people seeking employment right now?

We recommend being as proactive as possible.

a. Have a resume completely done

b. Have letters of recommendation and/or references ready

c. Work with 2 really good recruiters. Not 1, not 20. Build real relationships and listen to their advice

d. Be reasonable with employers, while still knowing your value.-be humble, don’t bash your previous/current company

  • How can people seeking work better improve their resumes to draw more attention – willing to telecommute? 

If you are seeking a technical role, now is a good time to brush up on skills that round out your skillset.

If it is new programming language? Do a side project and make it available on Github.

Becoming familiar with a new cloud technology? Get the certification and apply for education grants and gov assistance or ask for educational credits with your next offer.

Telecommute is the main option right now so they may not have a choice. However, since you are entering into a remote workforce, be sure to show how hyper-communicative you can be virtually throughout the entire interview process.

Send thank you notes, respond within 12 hours to an email. Ask questions.

  • What’s your best advice to job seekers right now?

If you are unemployed, file for unemployment. Keep your resume fresh.

Pay attention to LinkedIn and other social channels and join in on digital conversations and happy hours every chance you get. Add skills to your toolbox and stay positive!

This will turnaround. Your employment status does not determine your worth. It will be okay. Just keep moving forward.

Jessica Mitsch

Jessica Mitsch

  • What advice can you offer for people seeking employment right now?

If you’re seeking employment right now, it is critical that you have the skills to be successful in a digital world. Now is the perfect time to learn to code, or find training in other digital skills. You will need to prove to employers that you are willing to learn and are adaptable.

In a down job market, your network becomes more valuable than ever. You’ll need it to hear about job opportunities and to be able to offer assistance to others who are job-searching.

Keep reaching out to people you know and spend time expanding your network by building relationships (virtually, of course!) with people who work at companies where you’d like to work.

  • How can people seeking work better improve their resumes to draw more attention – willing to telecommute?

A solid resume is your best job-search tool!

Make sure you’ve got experience with the video communication tools that people are using to conduct business and add those to your resume.

Your resume should demonstrate adaptability and a growth mindset – adding new skills you’ve learned recently and classes you’ve taken (including online classes) is a good way to do this.

  • Your best advice for job seekers?

To understand that the world as we knew it was already changing and moving more digital. Pandemic or not, as a job seeker in 2020 you are going to have to be adaptable and willing to learn.

Technology will only continue to evolve and change and ensuring you’re able to work in a digital world is key. This time of transition is a great time to learn to code and explore career paths in tech.