RALEIGH – Fast-growing software communications company Bandwidth is getting ready to build new headquarters in Raleigh.

However, the 500,000-square-foot facility will include one amenity not often featured in corporate digs: a fully integrated Montessori School for children aged nine months to five years old.

“It’s a dream that we’ve had for a while,” Bandwidth CEO and founder David Morken said in an with WRAL TechWire.

“There won’t be a waiting list. If you have a child, we will have space and we’re committed to that.”

Bandwidth CEO David Morken

The firm is purchasing a 40-acre plot of state land for the project at the southwest corner of Reedy Creek Rd and Edwards Mill Road. It will create 1,165 new jobs and generate more than $100 million in capital investments.

Morken, a father of six and a grandfather of two, said he is committed to offering the preschool as a “subsidized benefit” to employees.

“It’s rotten the way families are forced to try to juggle distances to drop kids off, a walk of shame at the end of the day; delaying starting a family because of inappropriate costs,” Morken said.

“It all adds up to what I consider to be a nightmare. So we’re focused on that as a design principle at the heart of our campus.

“A business can provide the space for children that’s proximate to nursing mothers during the business day, and those kinds of things. It’s time, it’s time.”

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