Technology columnist Shelly Palmer, head of The Palmer Group, says a change made by Apple on commissions charged for selling content, is big news.

“Apple has relaxed its rules requiring a 30% cut for any content sold inside video apps on iOS. The tech giant said its program now allows ‘premium subscription video’ providers the ability to charge consumers directly, using their own payment systems, without paying a commission to Apple,” Palmer wrote in his newsletter Thursday.

“This means that Amazon Prime Video subscribers can now buy or rent content using Amazon’s app on Apple platforms.

“When you say ‘game changer,’ this is what you mean.”

9to5Mac, which focuses on Apple news, adds:

“Obviously, this is a big win for customers who can finally enjoy premium Amazon Prime Video content directly in the native iPhone, iPad and Apple TV apps. Previously, users would have to buy the TV show or film through Safari or an app on another platform.”

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