BREVARD – Earth Renwable Technology, a startup based in Brevard, has raised $900,000 in new capital, according to an SEC filing.

The company secured backing from five investors for a mixture of debt and options.

Earth Renewable focuses on “microfiber concentrates” that the firm says provides “superior performance and color characteristics.”

Its technology uses plant-based resins and a patent-pending bio-based microfiber-additive package to produce plant-based alternatives to the normal plastic packaging of products. The company strives for a lower carbon footprint than traditional methods.

According to the company website, over 17 million barrels of oil are used each year to make plastic bottles, but Earth Renewable Technologies created a packaging for non-beverages that uses 42 percent less non-renewable energy and 67 percent reduction in greenhouse gases.

Products include:

  • EarthReduc Fiber Concentrates reduce the amount of additives and fossil-based polymers.
  • EarthRestor Fiber Concentrates restore the physical properties of recycled polymers.
  • EarthRene Fiber Concentrates improve the physical properties of renewable polymers.
  • EarthRevea Fiber Concentrates reveal aesthetic appeal of sustainable plastics.

In 2017, Earth Renewable raised $207 million.

Read the full filing online.