RALEIGH —  Murphy’s Naturals made a name for itself with its all natural insect repellents. Now the Raleigh-based startup is launching its own hand sanitizer spray to help meet the global demand for skin sanitizers used to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Its founder, Philip Freeman, said the manufacturing certifications required to produce insect repellent also qualified the company to produce hand sanitizer during the current public health crisis, and so the company decided to adjust its resources, raw materials, and packaging components “to serve a greater basic human need.”

“Part of Murphy’s Naturals DNA is to Do Others Good, so when we identified an opportunity to serve, we acted,” said Freeman, in a statement.  “As soon as we realized we were capable of making hand sanitizer, it was an easy decision to deploy our resources to develop this product.”

The 4 oz spray contains 80 percent alcohol antiseptic, which is above the threshold recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and is safe for all people over two months of age.  It’s priced at $29.99 for six 4.0-ounce bottles ($4.99/bottle).

Source: Murphy’s Naturals

Freeman is a US Navy veteran, and has allocated the first production to be shipped to the United States Navy. The product will be available to consumers beginning in April on Amazon and at the company website.

Launched in 2013, Murphy’s Naturals creates earth-friendly personal care products made from natural, responsibly sourced ingredients. Its products are available at a variety of retailers such as Target, Amazon, Grove Collaborative, and the Murphy’s Naturals website.

It’s a Certified B Corporation and 1% For The Planet member, contributing 2 percent of gross revenues to goodwill organizations.

Separately, Freeman launched the co-working space Loading Dock back in 2016.

Backed by VCs, Raleigh-based Murphy’s Naturals gets ready to expand