RALEIGH – The coronavirus is not halting growth at Plant Health Care.

The Raleigh-based agtech startup developing patent-protected biological products to global agriculture markets, has raised another $2.3 million in equity. That follows a $3.02 million in November of  2019, according to SEC filings.

Six investors participated in the latest round.

Plant Health Care develops technologies that protect crops from diseases and environmental stresses, according to its website.

The end goal: to increase crop yield and quality.

Among its core technologies is PREtec (Plant Response Elicitor technology).

“Based on our unique understanding of how key amino acid sequences elicit a desired response in target crops, we are able to design families of peptides (chains of amino acids) that when applied to crops provide increased growth, disease resistance and other benefits for farmers,” it says on its website.

The startups has designed and filed patent applications for four peptide platforms from our research; three of these have been named and all four have been launched with partners.

Each family of related peptides is considered its own platform, all covered by extensive patent filings.