DURHAM – Worried that your employees or patients may be starting to show some symptoms related to the coronavirus? Durham-based mobile health data firm Validic is now offering a way to track symptoms in real-time and remotely.

The system monitors a person’s body temperature, difficulty breathing, cough frequency and oxygen saturation on a dashboard, with patients submitting health data via secure text or email message.

Individuals in the program are asked to:

  • Provide information on how to request home delivery of thermometer and pulse oximeter, if needed
  • Email with link to provide one-time consent to the program
  • Recurring twice-daily email or text message with simple no-sign-in link to enter biometrics and symptoms
  • There are no apps to install, no passwords to remember

The system is designed to gather information on:

  • Body temperature
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Cough frequency

Validic says the offering allows the monitoring of “critical symptoms with real-time (< 60 seconds) analysis and escalation” to HR and care management teams.

“Triggered alerts will notify program administrators or clinicians as a person’s symptoms worsen, improve, or remain static – or as a quarantine period ends with no symptoms present,” Validic adds.

Remote interventions

“Given our expertise in personal health data and remote patient monitoring, we’ve been working to quickly develop and launch a custom COVID-19 solution that allows for proactive, remote interventions using real-time data,” said Drew Schiller, CEO of Validic, in a statement.

“At no time in recent history has there been a higher imperative to use distance monitoring to keep people alive and healthy.”

Dashboard panel view to triage patients and view individuals’ real-time and trending home health data. The dashboard allows clinicians or administrators to enroll new individuals; set alerts and triggers; identify trends quickly; and, search individuals based on status and latest readings.

In an effort to empower people on the front lines of this health crisis, he added, the solution is designed for rapid deployment and scale, and is able to bulk enroll thousands of individuals quickly.

“Everyone’s safety, especially those individuals who cannot self-isolate – like our emergency responders, nurses, and sanitation workers – need to be a foremost priority, especially at this time,” he said. “We want all healthcare professionals and employers to be able to leverage industry-leading remote monitoring capabilities to help people impacted by or potentially exposed to coronavirus.”

Validic notes the following benefits for healthcare providers and human resource teams:

  • Easy registration of each person to be monitored, individually or in bulk
  • Tag individuals in high-risk categories
  • Rapid TriageAutomated, near real-time (<60 seconds) evaluation of symptoms and biometrics
  • At-a-glance view of individuals with active alerts on symptoms or biometrics
  • Identify individuals who have not checked in or submitted data
  • Detailed view of all metrics and symptom reports per person
  • Document simple notes on conversations and recommendations to each individual
  • Codified disposition of each encounter (continue monitoring, go for testing, go to clinical venue, etc.)

Founded in 2010, Validic offers healthcare organizations access to personal health data for virtual engagement and remote monitoring programs. Validic’s scalable, secure solutions deliver data from hundreds of home health devices seamlessly into existing clinical workflows, such as the Electronic Health Record (EHR) or patient application.

Validic has worked with numerous high-profile partners – Microsoft, Salesforce, RTI International, SAP – on mobile data and other programs. Among its investors have been billionaire Mark Cuban and Kaiser Permanente.

To learn more about COVID-19 Home Monitoring, visit this site.