BURLINGTON – Life science giant LabCorp is setting aside the first hour of business at its nearly 2,000 patient service centers for the non-COVID-19 testing of seniors and what the company calls its “most vulnerable patients.”

“The option is aimed at making it easier for patients who are at higher risk to practice social distancing and get their critical lab testing services,” the company, which has operations across North Carolina, said in a statement.

LabCorp, which earlier this month launched its own coronavirus test, stressed that the company does not gather specimens for the COVID-19 screening.

However, the company believes that setting aside one hour for “vulnerable” patients will boost the coronavirus fight.

“Providing this dedicated hour each day for our most vulnerable patients can help protect those patients and help flatten the coronavirus curve,” said Adam H. Schechter, LabCorp’s CEO.

“Enhanced social distancing can limit the potential spread of the virus and offer greater peace of mind for people who have important and ongoing health and testing needs. We all have a role to play in protecting our communities, and we are committed to doing all we can to ensure the safety and health of those we serve.”

LabCorp is performing ‘several thousands’ of coronavirus tests per day to meet surge in demand

The first hour is for patients 65 or older or who have what the company calls “serious underlying health conditions.”

LabCorp also offers the option to patients who have had lab tests ordered can check in remotely via a mobile device or a LabCorp Express tablet and receive a text message when it is time to be tested.

More information is available at this website.

For information about LabCorp’s COVID-19 test, visit this link.