RALEIGH — Three women startup founders have teamed up to launch a new event marketing podcast to dish on the tricks of the trade.

Raleigh entrepreneurs Kate Cooley, Britt Creech and LiLo Good host the advice podcast, SHOWFFERS, told in a narrative format that weaves together stories, interviews, humor and real-time updates. The podcast is designed to both share tips, tricks and hacks, as well as build a community that supports marketers in their efforts to optimize tradeshow and meeting event outcomes.

Each podcast episode focuses on a specific aspect of planning, creating and measuring grand scale marketing event success. , these friends and former colleagues say they are out to set the record straight about just how much respect the event marketer deserves.

“The event marketing role inside companies is one of an unsung heroine,” said Cooley, a former NASA engineer and 20-year marketing veteran, in a statement.  “Event marketers are managing a make-or-break component of an organization’s marketing and sales effort.  It’s a huge job and a pivotal role. We want to give community to event marketers while helping them score big wins for their companies and for their careers.”

It’s just a prelude, they say, to the team’s upcoming release to address the unmet needs of the tradeshow ecosystem.

They are actively building tools for event marketers through a software as a service (SaaS) platform that they call “exibitr.”  Their platform is now being developed with expected beta release in early 2021.

“I was thrown into this role early in my career, it was baptism by fire. I was working with Kate and Britt then, and the three of us would dream up support tools that would make the planning, execution and tracking processes so much easier,” recalled Good.

SHOWFFERS cohost Britt Creech, a corporate Operations Director and former captain of the NC State Women’s Rugby team added:  “We each have this very creative solution-oriented mindset, that is what drew us together in the workplace and that’s what makes this endeavor so much fun to build together. I think you can really feel that energy when you listen to the podcast.”