RALEIGH — Chad Price — the CEO of Mako Medical, a healthcare startup based out of Raleigh — is launching a new DNA test focused on nutrition.

MakoDNA is a genetic test with an individualized meal plan that is specific to you and the nutritional needs your body has.

“This is a first step in helping people understand exactly what foods they should eat so they can optimize health and performance,” said Price in a release. “We spend so much time and money on our health without really knowing. This can be used to identify untapped potential between performance and genetic potential and could possibly be used as a factor to compare candidates for selection.”

The process is simple: MakoDNA ships a kit to your home. A swab is used to collect saliva. The sample is shipped back to MAKO, where the DNA is analyzed. The identified genetic variations are fed into the algorithm-generating pipeline. A nutrigenetic report becomes available online (patient/consumer portal), which offers the newly defined nutritional targets. The same data is also fed to the meal plan generator. At the end of this process, the client is offered a nutrigenetic report and a customizable meal plan.

MAKO DNA will be sold online, in pharmacies across the country, gyms and workout facilities, colleges and universities, and local medical providers.

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