MORRISVILLE – Lenovo-owned Motorola is trying to preempt concerns about its forthcoming foldable Razr smartphone, spelling out in a series of videos the device’s quirks – the kind that helped Sink Samsung’s foldable Galxay Fold, leading to a recall and a flopped launch last year.

Most noteworthy perhaps:

“Screens are made to bend: Lumps and bumps are normal.”

That’s because the phone is made to fold and there may be some unsightly peaks and valleys in the screen.

In one of a series of videos on YouTube, Motorola also warns with “Caring for Razr:”

  • Be sure to fold the phone before putting it in your pocket
  • Avoid sharp objects since the screens have a protective coating
  • It’s water repellant. Wipe down with a dry cloth if it gets wet
  • And don’t use a screen projector

Razrs are available for pre-order at Verizon with a retail cost of just under $1,500. The phones are expected to be available by mid-February.

Other videos include:

  • Discover Razr
  • Unboxing Razr
  • Moto experiences on Razr
  • Razr Quick View display
  • Razr camera features

Check out the series and other videos at the Motorola YouTube site.