RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Morgan Weston, Frontier RTP marketing and communications manager, talked with WRAL TechWire about the state of business at the emerging startup hub.

  • How many startups do you currently have in residence at Frontier?

The Frontier RTP campus is home to about 95 early stage, startup and small businesses at the moment. The largest concentration of companies is in the 800 building, with more than 60 companies on its 3rd floor alone.

  • How does that compare to last year’s numbers? Has there been a jump or decline?

This is a huge boost from last year’s numbers, as our campus has grown from one building to four; now totaling a half million square feet, only 30,000 SF are remaining at Frontier RTP.

  • In terms of fundraising, how are companies doing at Frontier? How much did they raise in total in 2019? How does that compare to other years?

We are not an incubator in the traditional sense – just an affordable office and lab space where growing companies can focus on their business instead of overhead. So, we don’t track this kind of data.

  • How many employees does Frontier have and how many people work at The Frontier? 

Frontier RTP tenant companies employ more than 1,500 people. The Frontier RTP property management, leasing and engineering team includes 12 full time staff.

  • There have been a lot of co-working spaces popping up in the Triangle. How has that impacted Frontier Station?

Our co-working space in the Frontier RTP 800 building is free and open to the public, and continues to receive more than 30,000 visitors each year. This includes folks who attend our programmed events like Out Of Office, our weekly beer and networking event, as well as host meetings, meet with tenant companies, or just drop by and work out of the space.