CARY – Heard that Fortnite – one of the world’s most popular online games – is shutting down? Believe it?

Fake news, says Cary-based Epic Games, the developer of the mega hit that’s produced hundreds of millions of fans and a couple billion dollars in revenue.

“Nope, Fortnite is not shutting down,” Epic spokesperson Nick Chester told CBC Kids News after the fake post appeared Tuesday.

The post – shared more than 88,000 on Facebook, showed up at prank a prank website. But you have to read closely on the post to find out that you have been “pranked.”

The website declares:

“Due to reports we have determined that the epic games server team will not be able to pay off for the amount of players in the video game.The servers will reportedly be closing down for all players in February of 2020.More news on the report to be followed./wubq/72@ueerqrow”

Check out the fake news at this link. 

Several other games were “pranked” as shutting down, CBC Kids News added.

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