Editor’s note: Jess Porta is director of HQ Raleigh.

RALEIGH –  This past year, HQ Raleigh has been dedicated to “Building Space for Impact” in our community.

In July, we opened 22,000 sqft of coworking, classroom and office space in the heart of NC State’s Centennial Campus. This unique partnership with NC State brings together students, academic organizations, start-ups, and established companies to collaborate and share resources. This innovative space is the first of its kind in the Raleigh area.

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Then in September, HQ Raleigh opened a 21,000 sqft coworking and office space as part of an exciting new renovation of the Gateway Plaza, located just north of downtown Raleigh off of Capital Boulevard. As a destination site, it houses not only a coworking space for teams of all sizes, but also local businesses including a coffee shop, a brewery, retail shops, restaurants, a fitness center, and a drop-in daycare facility.
But HQ is more than just space, and in 2020, HQ will be focusing on some incredible programs that lift up the different communities at Centennial, Gateway Plaza and beyond.

Over the next year, HQ@Centennial will become a hub for entrepreneurs, large companies, and students alike, focusing on three main areas:

1. Creating a dynamic working and learning environment

2. building out a jobs connection platform

3. Hosting programs that encourage collaboration across campus and beyond

And with the new HQ@Gateway location, HQ hopes to contribute to that neighborhood in a way that is inclusive of the existing community, by inviting local shop owners and business owners to participate in the gateway project, and to give access to resources to those who would like to build out their business through the Main Street Business Program.

This program, that HQ will launch in Q2 of 2020 in collaboration with community partners, will help small businesses with programming, technology, connection to mentors, and the ability to test out their ideas in real time at HQ locations!

We want to thank all of our members, partners, and sponsors who have helped us continue to Build Space for Impact in Raleigh. Thank you for all of your love and support over the past year!  Join us to celebrate the past year and the year ahead on January 10th at Capital Club.

Join us! 

From 4-6pm we will be celebrating in style on the 12th Floor with catering by Capital Club 16th.