DURHAM – A cure for baldness at last? That’s what a Durham tech company is promising.

REVIAN, formerly known as PhotonMD, announced today that it has patented its dual-band technology that uses LED light to stimulate the body’s cellular generation of nitric oxide, stopping hair loss and regenerating new hair.

“This is a groundbreaking approach,” said Dr. Nathan Stasko, co-inventor and the firm’s executive chairman. “We set out to decode the spectrum of light and identify which wavelengths encourage cells, tissues and organs to repair themselves.”

The firm’s “breakthrough discovery,” Stasko added, now offers hope to the estimated 50 million men and 30 million women suffering from androgenetic hair loss in the United States, and hundreds of millions more around the globe.

Source: REVIAN

REVIAN, and its parent company KNOW Bio, is now offering up its technology to the public through its first product, REVIAN RED, a hair growth system costing $995 that includes a wireless wearable cap controlled by a mobile “smart” app.

For 10 minutes a day, users wear the device that targets the biochemical processes in their scalp with a patented combination of two wavelengths of LED light (620 nanometers and 660 nanometers). “It unlocks the body’s natural ability to accelerate healing and renew the cells that grow hair,” the company says on its website.

“Our claims are backed by clinical studies,” said Dr. Sasko, adding the device is already available now online and at a select number of professional practices throughout the United States.



“The primary route is to partner with health care providers and other care professionals to deliver meaningful results. Many of the people on our team are enjoying the effects of REVIAN RED as well as those early adopters who have already purchased.”

The firm is fully financed by its parent company, and is not seeking external investment.

“However, we are always seeking strategic sources of capital that align with our commercial vision,” said Dr. Stasko.