Editor’s note: Joan Siefert Rose is CEO of LaunchBio.

DURHAM – It’s Giving Tuesday on December 3. Here are 3 reasons why you will feel good about taking 3 minutes to make a contribution to LaunchBio through our Get Involved  page (just scroll to the “Donate Now” button at the bottom):

  • You can support entrepreneurs who are developing new cures and therapies – at the time they most need your help.

It’s never easy to start a company, but the bar is set especially high for scientist entrepreneurs. Once they have reached proof of concept in the lab, they need to learn how to hire, find investors, outsource, adopt a regulatory strategy, communicate, find strategic partners…the list goes on. At LaunchBio, we may not put on a lab coat to help extract DNA, but we do offer educational programs just steps away from the lab, covering all those critical elements of building a viable business.  Your contribution keeps our monthly Larger Than Life Science programs lively, topical and informative.

  • You can keep LaunchBio’s programs free of charge for all biotech innovators.

From the start, life science entrepreneurs have been invited to attend our educational programs at no cost to them. But that doesn’t mean the programs are “free” to host. Our corporate sponsors help offset some of the expense, and we thank them. Your donation in any amount will allow LaunchBio continue to pay it forward for people taking that big step of starting a new venture.

  • Science shows that generosity is its own reward.

A 2017 neuroscience study in Nature Communications documented small acts of generous behavior causing brain images to light up with a “warm glow” linked to increased levels of happiness. But don’t take our word for it: You can conduct your own experiment by scrolling to the “Donate Now” button on LaunchBio’s Get Involved page.  We’ll send you our undying gratitude plus a letter thanking you for your donation to LaunchBio, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

In other LaunchBio news:

Join us December 5 at The Chesterfield in downtown Durham for our Big Holiday Party celebrating partnerships and team-building. We’ll learn how KBI Biopharma and Sartorius Stedim have forged a strong working relationship that benefits the customers of both companies, and Stephen Perry, CEO of Kymanox, will talk about building a successful company one team member at a time. All this, plus the return of Glitter Beer and some of your favorite community partners joining us for a special holiday science fair.

Thank you for a wonderful year. We’ll be back soon with news about LaunchBio’s programs in the new decade!