WILMINGTON – This Wednesday, several tech organizations and meetups within Wilmington’s tech community will join together for the first-ever Wilmington Tech-Con.

The event, held December 4 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at tekMountain, is the outcome of a partnership between the Cape Fear Women In Tech meetup along with Wilmington JS and other tech-focused groups in the area.

Sponsored by tekMountain, Live Oak, Apiture, Morvil Advertising + Design, WILMA, NCBiotech, the conference includes a series of brief introductions from Cape Fear Women In Tech and Wilmington JS, as well as Wilmington Agile Community, AI Bridge, Port City Analytics and Tech Talent South. Next, attendees will take part in a group icebreaker where they’ll get to program near field communication (NFC) chips. Organizers say the agenda may also include some driverless programmed Tesla racing.

Trista Banfield, head of Cape Fear Women In Tech and technical production manager at Morvil Advertising + Design Group, says she first came up with the idea for Tech-Con after attending a Wilmington JS meetup.

“I realized that there was a need for uniting our tech community since we all have similar interests and goals,” Banfield says. “Most tech topics and speakers would appeal to a wide range of audiences but there seemed to be a lack of communication and awareness between these various groups.”

Banfield reached out to Wilmington JS organizer Justin Poliachik, who also serves as lead mobile engineer at Wilmington-based Apiture, and introduced the idea of co-hosting a collaborative conference to bring these groups together. Together, they reached out to all of the local tech groups they could find and started putting together a planning committee.

Banfield hopes the conference will bring more growth to Wilmington as the community becomes more connected and works together to build more talent and job opportunities.

“Moving forward, we hope to establish resource-sharing and create an inclusive environment where people can make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals,” Banfield added.

Cape Fear Women In Tech is expecting a turnout of 100 or more attendees.