RALEIGH – Many shooting ranges in the United States can often appear like just an extension of a gun store.

Not anymore.

A Raleigh-based startup called OnPoint is looking to bring a new kind of high-tech, activity-based shooting center to the Oak City soon.

And unlike traditional ranges, they argue, it’s one where women and young adults will feel welcome.

“We’re re-inventing the range experience using innovative technology and by creating an open and engaging facility and community culture,” OnPoint CEO’s Houck Reed said.

“We incorporate movement and immersive gamification technology to make OnPoint instruction and experiences the most engaging offerings you’ll find anywhere.”

Renderings of OnPoint’s 18-lane live fire range.

So far, the company has raised around $1.35 million in the last year, according to recent SEC filings.

The Raleigh OnPoint facility is currently under construction at 3501 Spring Forest Road. It is expected to be open in the spring of 2020.

Reed says the center is designed to be social, family friendly and all about the “sport of shooting.”

It will include “plenty of natural light” and large viewing windows to the ranges with comfortable seating, workspaces and high-speed internet.

There will also be a communal area, “dynamic target systems,” custom movement-based training programs and OnPoint’s proprietary gamification technology.

Renderings of OnPoint’s 18-lane live fire range.

“At OnPoint it’s all about enjoying activity-based instruction, developing skill and precision, and adding a little friendly competition. We’re making the OnPoint culture and the experiences we offer welcoming to everyone,” notes Deb Lovig, OnPoint chief marketing officer.

“With the OnPoint mobile app guests reserve and pay in advance for range time, sign up for courses and drills, book group experiences and keep tabs on their game rankings. It’s really easy to stay engaged.”

Special pre-opening membership and range/Challenge House packages will soon be available.