Editor’s note: The North Carolina Technology Association’s annual awards program Thursday night will recognize 10 emerging companies as “Startups to Watch” across the state. WRAL TechWire worked with the trade group to gather profile information on the 10 – eight responded to the questionaires. Here is the first of the eight Q&A profiles.




  • Websitehttps://viibrant.com/
  • When was your company founded? 2016-2017
  • Its founder(s) and current title(s) are: Patrick Smith – President, CEO
  • What is your mission statement? We empower senior living communities by tailoring technology to simplify and connect.
  • What does your selection by NC TECH mean to you and your company? We have been recognized in our industry for market leading technology, but this is our first time being recognized amongst other incredible start-ups outside of our industry. This is a class that we can all be very proud of. Not very many good ideas become a business and not very many businesses are successful. Recognitions like this are very rewarding and validating, however the accolades and smiles we get from our clients and residents are so much more. Seeing the smile from a resident after she heard Alexa speak back to her for the first time is a memory we will not easily forget. She had a stroke just months before and has reportedly been very somber. No, we did not cure her, but technology touched her life that day and it brought tears to her husband’s eyes. That is a powerful feeling.
  • What makes your company unique? What is your secret sauce? Two things. We are not afraid of change. We change our product, team structure, and procedures frequently. This is not easy, but it keeps us fresh. It keeps us thinking about the future. We are not afraid to try new things, and abandon them if they are not working. Second, we listen. We let our customers into the driver seat of our company. Sure, we have good ideas, but most of our game-changing ideas have come from the mouths of our customers. So many companies think they know what is best so they stick to their ways and they tell their customers “no, maybe eventually”. We say “sure, give us a few weeks.” This creates an incredible product, powerful relationships, and a rewarding work environment.
  • What is your target market(s) and why did you select it/them? We are in the senior living space. Our primary customers are part of the independent living space: think of a cruise ship on land, just for 65+ adults. We are starting to move toward middle market communities that offer services you would traditionally think of in care environments. All of this was completely by accident. Patrick Smith came from a successful career in e-commerce and his wife Missy was a gerontologist. Through pillow talk, they came up with the idea to create an online hub for residents to interact with their community, and a place where administrators could manage content. information, and analytics. Today, that hub/portal has bloomed into 7 other solutions including a mobile app, digital signage, interactive kiosks, and Alexa voice skills.
  • Are you producing revenue? If so, are you cash flow positive or profitable? Yes and Yes
  • How are you financed? Self-funded and small private investment
  • Are you currently looking for financing and if so, how much? Yes, but only with the right fit.