RALEIGH — Red Hatters are now letting it all hang out in the open, literally.

Starting today, the open source giant will have a team of some 90 designers and creatives working from its newly renovated “Open Studio,” the 9,000-square-feet space on the main floor of the Red Hat Tower, adjacent to its lobby.

Red Hats line one of the conference rooms.

DeLisa Alexander shows off some of Red Hat’s trophies on display in a window overlooking the street.

Formerly occupied by BoKu, the office boasts sweeping, full-sized windows on three sides, giving curious pedestrians the chance to peek in on employees  in action.

“We’ll be able to share what we do,” explained DeLisa Alexander, Red Hat’s chief people officer, who toured the space with a media scrum ahead of its opening.

Designed to encourage “collaboration,” the space includes 66 desks, three team offices, five enclaves, unisex bathroom, wellness room, pantry — as well as a 1,000-square-feet patio space.

The new pantry that boasts views of Davie Street.

The open floor plan with ergonomic desks.

Instead of just sitting at an assigned desk, employees have a range of possible options to get up, move around and work.

It’s all about creating  “collisions,” explained Alexander.

“That’s where the sparks fly, and the creativity comes from,” she said.

“It’s about being a Red Hatter and feeling really connected to the brand and connected to being a collaborator, which is so much a part of who we are. Our facilities are the embodiment of that culture, every day. It’s what we do together, and it makes us who we are.”