DURHAM – Michael Best & Friedrich LLP and Duke University’s Office of Licensing and Ventures are hosting a one-day seminar focused on emerging technologies and their applications in law.

The Technology + The Law Symposium takes place this Thursday, November 7, from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the JB Duke Hotel in Durham. It aims to bring together academic experts, government representatives, business leaders and in-house counsel to examine how AI, blockchain, cybersecurity and other areas of innovation can change the way law is exercised and implemented.

Anthony Biller, managing partner at Michael Best’s Raleigh office, says the goal for the event is to encourage discussion on how new technologies raise new legal issues, challenges and opportunities.

“The rule of law is a hallmark of market economies and is an integral component of all areas of commerce that do not have corresponding legal considerations,” Biller said. “We are at the threshold of an innovation renaissance unparalleled in human history. The pace of innovation and technology rapidly change how we live and do business, and the pace of change is only accelerating.”

Biller added, “There is a growing consensus that the year 2050 will be more dissimilar from 2000 than 2000 was dissimilar from 1900. This puts significant strain on legal systems which, in our country, are by design slow to evolve and adapt.”

The Technology + Law Symposium aims to address how these changes might challenge the existing legal systems while also posing potential solutions.

The agenda includes panel discussions with speakers from SAS, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, HP and Lenovo, among other major firms. Academic leaders hail from Duke University, New York University, UNC-Chapel Hill and Campbell University.

The keynote speakers are Finnegan Partner Tom Irving, SAS Institute Patents Director Timothy Wilson and Microsoft Associate General Counsel and VP Micky Minhas.

Breakout sessions will cover AI and intellectual property, blockchain, healthcare innovation, cryptocurrency regulation, additive manufacturing, medical cannabis and hemp, cybersecurity and data protection, drug pricing and personalized medicine, and diversity and inclusion.

Biller says around 200 people have registered for the event. Tickets are available here.