CHARLOTTE – Paying a bill may soon be as easy as asking Alexa.

That’s because Amazon, Alexa’s creator, just teamed up with Paymentus to make voice-enabled bill management easier.

The Charlotte-based firm, which offers eBilling and payment solutions, says the new Alexa and Amazon pay integration will be available on its artificial intelligent (AI)-based Instant Payment Network.

That means billers can soon manage utility bills via any Alexa-enabled device.

“With this announcement, customers of participating billers will soon be able to link their utility account to Alexa so they can simply ask for information about their bill (e.g. ‘Alexa, when is my water bill due?’).

Dushyant Sharma, Chairman and CEO of Paymentus, says the collaboration will “further accelerate network growth.”

“Based on customer feedback and the rapid adoption of cloud-based voice services to help manage our everyday lives, technologies like Alexa will have a profound impact on how businesses and consumers interact, Paymentus is very excited to enable this new feature,” he says

“At Amazon, we are continuously looking for ways to invent and simplify on behalf of our customers,” added Patrick Gauthier VP, Amazon Pay. “By teaming up with Paymentus, we are excited to provide customers and utility billers with a simpler, natural way to manage bills via Alexa.”