Editor’s note: Emmit Owens, with the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster (RTCC), works closely with local cleantech companies and leads RTCC’s Talent Action Committee to drive economic growth within the Research Triangle and NC.

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – If you haven’t heard of the large and rapidly-growing cleantech sector in North Carolina, Wednesday is your chance to see the types of companies and jobs associated with the industry up close and personal at RTCC’s Cleantech Connect Career Fair.

First, let me begin with defining what cleantech is. Cleantech blends technologies which have positive impacts on both our environment and economy. And North Carolina is home to one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing cleantech hubs – in the Research Triangle region alone, the cleantech sector is responsible for almost 27,000 jobs and has grown by more than 25% in the past five years.

Cleantech solutions being developed in NC drive energy efficiency, increase the proliferation of renewable energy, and reduce the amount of waste going to our landfills. Ultimately, these technologies make our world a better place – a compelling career to pursue for an increasingly mission-driven workforce. But cleantech companies of all sizes, from young startups like Tethis to large multinationals like Siemens, all face a similar challenge: they need talent.

They need young professionals and seasoned veterans who can help them positively impact our economy and environment. In short, they need you. It takes a variety of skill sets, from engineers and technicians to accountants and lawyers. Just look at the positions they plan to fill at the Cleantech Connect Career Fair in Raleigh next Wednesday.

Deciding to pursue a career in cleantech means you can help a company like Duke Energy reach its new carbon neutrality goal, or Sensus reduce water leaks from our drinking water systems. So whether you are a project manager, programmer, or salesperson, the cleantech sector needs you. Join us on Wednesday (10/30) from 4-7PM at the McKimmon Center on NCSU’s campus.  You can register to participate for free at this link.