RALEIGH – UPS is expanding the reach of its FAA-approved “drone airline” to Utah after launching with WakeMed and North Carolina partners.

“UPS is rapidly expanding drone delivery, next generation tracking tools and other technologies to help the health care industry solve logistics problems, enhance efficiency and deliver improved patient outcomes,” said Scott Price, Chief Transformation and Strategy Officer at UPS in the announcement early Wednesday.

“We are transforming the company’s Smart Global Logistics Network by using the latest innovation to bring new value to customers.”

The expansion means drone deliveries at the University of Utah Health Campus in Salt Lake City.

UPS is working in partnership with Mattrnet and said the FAA approval granted after the WakeMed trial gives the partners “flexibility to rapidly scale hospital operations.”

The drone service will help replace courier cars now used to transport medical samples, instruments, supplies and documents, UPS said.

FAA approves UPS for a ‘drone airline’ after WakeMed trial deliveries