ELON – RegO, a manufacturing company dating back to 1908, says it will add 50 jobs and invest in high-tech, automated manufacturing equipment in expanding a Guilford County plant as well as in Elon.

The investment will be in the “millions” of dollars, the company said Wednesday.

The RegO plant is located in Whitsett and is one of four it operates in North Carolina.


“While many other suppliers in our industry have chosen to move production offshore, RegO has continued our commitment to maintaining a world class manufacturing capability here in the U.S.,” said Mike Lucas, RegO’s CEO, in the announcement. “This latest investment, together with the skill and experience of our manufacturing teams, gives our company the ability to deliver the highest quality parts for our customers at a competitive cost.

“The growth in RegO’s business, supported by this expansion in production capacity, should result in the addition of 50 new manufacturing positions throughout the coming year at our Whitsett and Elon facilities.”

The upgrades include four automated machining stations that the company says “combine several processing steps to achieve high volume production of brass and stainless-steel components, as well as forgings of brass, stainless steel, and ductile iron, without the need for operators to manually change parts between different machines.”

The machines are planned for installation in stages at RegO’s Whitsett manufacturing facility over the next eight months. They will double throughput capacity, according to Lucas.

RegO focuses on gas control products.