RALEIGH – There’s a boom happening in the space of clean technology, and a new startup out of Raleigh is hoping to capitalize on that.

Enter 350Solutions, a cleantech consulting firm launched this week that works with companies, investors, and users to independently verify developing environmental and climate conscious technologies.

Based out of Loading Dock’s Whitaker Mill location, its founder Tim Hansen said the firm is working to “positively impact the current course of climate change,” and provide data and research on clean technologies that can help the world return to an ideal atmosphere.

Its name pays homage to that benchmark — 350 parts per million is the level of CO2 in the atmosphere the earth needs to return to in order to avoid the impacts of climate change.

“Companies and the public are becoming more concerned about impacts of their actions on climate change, and costs may soon be assigned to those impacts via carbon taxes and markets,” Hansen told WRAL TechWire. “As we look into viable solutions to reduce impacts, verification of new technologies can provide assurance that they perform as claimed and will achieve desired impacts. Consider it a ‘Consumer Reports’ evaluation of new cleantech. Know what you’re getting before you buy.”

350Solutions’s CEO and founder Tim Hansen

According to Hansen, 350Solutions is the only company in the United States to currently be certified by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) to verify technologies according to the latest standards.

With this certification, he said his team of scientists and engineers can work independently with clean technologies or investors to verify a given technology’s actual impact and long-term value.

At present, there are three full-time employees and two contractors.“We have two clients on board and are working with a number more to bring on over the next few months,” Hansen said. “Our team with 350Solutions has already been working together for nearly a decade. Together we have 73 years of experience in independently verifying clean technologies,” said Hansen.