RALEIGH – Here are the ways North Carolinians are encouraged to participate in this culture-shifting #ListenFirst movement of conversations in our state. Learn more, explore featured conversation guides, and join the movement at emergingissues.org/civic-conversations.

Here’s why Institute for Emerging Issues is rolling out NC Civic Conversations Initiative

How to Participate in Civic Conversations
  • Commit to listen first to understand
  • Join or host a civic conversation in your community
  • Invite your elected officials to have a civic conversation
  • Join the conversation online using #ListenFirst and #ReconnectNC
Civic Conversation Principles
  • Listen first to understand
  • Be curious and open to learning
  • Suspend judgement
  • Maximize diversity of perspectives
Questions from optional Reconnect North Carolina conversation guide
  • In what ways do you see North Carolina connected? How are we disconnected?
  • How do you personally feel connected to your community?
  • What could help bring people together to bridge divides across our state?
  • What success connecting across differences have you seen or experienced?
  • What core values do you think North Carolinians fundamentally agree on?
  • What issue do you most wish we could solve to­­­gether, even if it seems impossible?
  • What actions can you personally take to reconnect North Carolina?