If you get a “tingle” from watching “autonomous sensory meridian response” videos then Apple has four new video promotions for iPhones that you might enjoy. Or even if you don’t – perhaps these videos will introduce you to ASMR.

A mix of sensations comes on the videos that Apple says quite clearly are best watched with headphones on.

“ASMR is a big trend on YouTube, with some channels boasting over 2 million subscribers,” notes CNBC. “Fans of the videos say the soft sounds give them ‘tingling’ sensations and help them relax.”

The video titles reflect the mood of what Apple is using to sell its iPhones:

  • Whispers from Ghost Forest
  • Satisfying woodshop sounds
  •  Crunching sounds on the trail
  • A calm rain at camp

Here are the videos:

Video one:

Video two:

Video three:

Video four: