CHAPEL HILL – Startup Terra Dotta, which recently raised $3.4 million from investors, has a new headquarters as part of the company’s continued growth.

Terra Dotta

Brandon Lee, CEO of the company, chose to base the new office in Chapel Hill’s East 34 complex.

“The new, state-of-the-art space was designed with an open concept to accommodate the company’s expansion and foster stronger collaboration and interaction,” a spokesperson for the company says.

What’s the mission of Terra Dotta?

“Terra Dotta’s mission is to serve as the trusted leader in higher education travel, study abroad and international program management solutions,” says CEO Lee. “Over 600 institutional offices use our enterprise-wide cloud solutions and mobile apps to automate and streamline all aspects of global collegiate travel and international student programs.”

International studies solutions provider Terra Dotta lands $3.4M to ramp up growth

How does the new HQ fit into that mission?

“We are excited to move our headquarters into a larger, modern space that reflects our corporate mission to serve higher education institutions’ expanding international program needs with a sense of openness, creativity and collaboration,” Lee said in the HQ announcement.

“This new interactive work space is an ideal fit for our growing team, and we look forward to welcoming new hires—both locally and globally.”