RALEIGH – Smart meter manufacturer Sensus is now helping entire cities save money with utilities.

Today, the company headquartered in Raleigh announced that it had signed on the City of Safford for its Sensus FlexNet communication network, which captures real-time data across all utilities – water, gas and electricity.

“Our infrastructure was old and aging badly,” Julie Bryce, Safford’s former business services AMI administrator, said in a statement. “This included all of our utilities, but it was especially true of our water infrastructure.”

Sensus’ network includes Sensus iPERL® residential water meters and the two-way FlexNet® communication system. Both help more accurately measure consumption and access near real-time data, alerting customers proactively to any potential issues.

Rapid lead detection helps reduce billing adjusts by 40 percent, the company said.

Sensus is a subsidiary of New York-based water technology company Xylem, which acquired the smart meter manufacturer for $1.7 billion in 2016. It makes and sells sensors, devices and software to monitor utility infrastructure and operations around the world.

Sensus, a sensor tech firm, to add 301 jobs in Durham County