RALEIGH – Nearly four months after going public with her colon cancer battle, Brooks Bell, the founder and CEO of her eponymous brand consulting firm, is on the mend.

In an email to WRAL TechWire this week, the 38-year-old said she finished her chemo treatment on June 20, and has been “feeling fantastic” since then.

“I took a short vacation to the Caribbean immediately after I finished treatment,” she wrote, adding: “I’ve been trying to get a long workout in every day, and have already made a lot of progress in rebuilding my strength and health.”

On the business front, Naoshi Yamauchi, the firm’s president, continues to serve as interim CEO, while the search is on for a permanent replacement.

So far, things have been running “smooth,” she said, with several new clients and prospective hires.

While Brooks has been “re-engaging” with the team, she will not be returning in a full-time operational role. “I plan to help mentor some of our team, support our client strategy and continue to meet with potential permanent CEO candidates.”

Going forward, she will continue to receive frequent scans and be monitored for any recurrence.

“The highest risk is in the first two years, but fortunately for me there is only about a 10-15 percent chance of that happening,” she said. “The best I can do to help reduce those risks are to keep my immune system as strong as possible.”

Bell  also remains committed to her 50 Colonoscopies Under 50 initiative. “I see my biggest challenge going forward to resisting my urge to get over committed on business ad community projects, when my first priority continues to be my health.”

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