If recent reports are correct, IBM is having a bit of a purge.

According to CNBC, the tech giant is laying off about one half of 1 percent of its staff. Based on its last proxy statement, which has its total number of employees at more than 340,000, the cuts would affect around 1,700 employees.

WRAL TechWire reached out to IBM on Friday for confirmation but has yet to hear back.

Meanwhile, a company spokesperson was quoted by CNBC as saying that the cuts are part of the company’s efforts to “reposition our team to align with our focus on the high-value segments of the IT market.”

“We also continue to hire aggressively in critical new areas that deliver value for our clients and IBM,” the company spokesperson told CNBC in an email.

The news comes as IBM is in the process of acquiring Raleigh’s homegrown open-source software firm Red Hat for $34 billion.