PINEHURST – You’re on holiday and not supposed to be working. But even so, do you still constantly check your emails? If the answer is yes, then you’re far from being alone.

It’s estimated that four out of five people with a business domain address opened their email while their out-of-office reply was active, according to a new study released just in time for “National Leave the Office Early Day,” which is Monday,  from Pinehurst-based Clicksuasion Labs.

It’s titled: “Work is the New Sex.”

“People who work at a for-profit organization are likely sleeping with their work,” the study finds. “The majority of for-profit employees are sleeping with their career.”

Interestingly, people whose email domain ends with “.edu” don’t check email off hours, according to the findings.

Employees either fear that they will be missing out, will not be relevant, or could even risk losing their employment.

Researchers at the firm, which studies behavioral science as it relates to marketing, communication and employee engagement, argue that this behavior could be hurting work-life balance and contribute to career burnout.

“The first thing many Americans do as they wake up is reach for their cell phone,” said Clicksuasion Lab’s chief behavioral officer Michael Barbera. “Their eyes are half open as they lean over to grab their phone. They squint at the bright light coming from their screen as they begin reading their emails. They are literally taking work into their bed.”

The study suggests that leaders should aim to improve their team’s work-life balance.

One solution: sending emails when the recipient is at work, not the time that is most convenient for the leader.