CARY — The next generation of mobile connectivity is expected to launch around the world by 2020. But why all the hype?

Well, according to most experts, the improvement in speed and capacity will be exponential, impacting consumers and organizations alike.

That’s where the North Carolina Technology Association (NC TECH) comes in.

One of the leading groups helping to solidify the state’s position in this space, it is hoping to demystify 5G by hosting a morning session with the experts.

On Thursday, May 30, it will host a number of panel discussions at the Embassy Suites in Cary. It will feature wireless providers, public officials, and other experts, who will discuss the impact of what is being described as a “game-changing transition to next generation wireless connectivity.”

Among those presenting:  Trey Rabon, president of AT&T North Carolina,; Gerard Hayes, president and CEO of Wireless Research Center of North Carolina; Tom Snyder, executive director of NC RIoT; Jean Davis, president and CEO of MCNC; and Tariq Bokhari, founder of Carolina Fintech Hub.

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