MORRISVILLE – Lenovo is generating tech buzz worldwide with what it’s billing as the “world’s first foldable PC.”

The world’s top PC seller unveiled its still-unnamed foldable PC at the tech conglomerate’s annual expo which is wrapping up today at Disney World.

Yes, laptops fold and Lenovo’s Yoga can be separated into two units. But this foldable includes on screen stretching from top to bottom with a seamless fold across the middle.

Having already unveiled a foldable smartphone, Lenovo admitted that the foldable ThinkPad won’t be joining the X1 family for a while yet. Launch is set for 2020.

But the boasting about its capabilities has already started.

Lenovo says the foldable promises “unprecedented portability will in no way compromise productivity and reliability. This is not a phone, tablet, or familiar hybrid; this is a full-fledged laptop with a foldable screen.”

The laptop features a single display that Lenovo is working with LG to produce. It’s powered by a Intel chip.

Lenovo’s foldable PC. (Lenovo image)

Here’s how Lenovo is pitching the foldable:

  • Wake up, fold it into a book, and start the day scanning your social media feeds in bed.2
  • Walk to your kitchen, unfold it, and stand it up for hands-free viewing of your top news sites.2
  • Hit your commute on the bus or train and morph it into a clamshell to catch up on emails.2
  • Get into the office, dock it into your multi-monitor setup and get to work.
  • Go into meetings, take notes with its pen, and write on a full screen tablet.
  • After lunch, set up the stand and use its mechanical keyboard to type out a few work emails.2
  • Come home at night, open it up and stream your favorite shows.2
  • Relax in bed, fold it in half and enjoy your latest read before going to sleep.

“This space-saving ThinkPad combines laptop productivity with smartphone portability to fold into your lifestyle like never before,” Lenovo adds.

“Stay tuned for full product details and availability in 2020.”

Lenovo operates two global headquarters, one in Beijing, the other in Morrisville.

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