RALEIGH — Two North Carolina companies have stepped up to launch a new campaign that provides free technology products and services to legal aid offices helping low-income Americans.

vTestify and Civvis – both based out of Raleigh – have joined five other legal tech companies in a partnership between the American Bar Association (ABA) and the Legal Services Corporation (LSC).

vTestify is a “one-stop shop” digital testimony collection and review technology that works to reduce the cost of depositions.

Civvis delivers what it calls a modern platform to convert, submit, manage, and process PDF and paper forms.

Called Legal Tech for a Change, the project is spearheaded by the ABA Center for Innovation, the association’s 2016 initiative to create more accessible, efficient and effective legal services.

The center will focus on leveraging its resources and network to recruit tech companies, while the LSC will identify tech solutions that help make the delivery of legal aid services more efficient and usable for LSC grantees.

“The ABA and LSC seek to produce a win/win for tech companies and legal aid providers,” ABA President Bob Carlson said in a statement.

“More than 85 percent of low-income American households have a civil legal need that goes unmet each year. The donations from these generous companies will directly help bridge this ‘justice gap’ at a time when our nation’s legal aid organizations are being challenged to do more with less.”

Other donors include Ross Intelligence and PacerPro of San Francisco; MetaJure of Seattle; and Powernotes of Chicago andDocumate of Los Angeles.

“Legal Tech for a Change gives LSC-funded legal aid programs early and free access to technology that can improve client service and enhance program efficiency,” LSC President James L. Sandman said in a statement. “We are grateful to the ABA Center for Innovation for leading this imaginative initiative to improve access to justice.”