GREENSBORO – Gateway Research Park has a new name, logo and web address that represents slight changes from the former brand identity. We’re now Gateway Research Park, a name considered when Gateway first opened in 2006.

Gateway logo

At that time, we added “University” to introduce the connections with NC A&T State University and UNC Greensboro. Now that Gateway is more established in the community, we’ve moved to Gateway Research Park, shorter and faster to say.

“The word “gateway” has multiple meanings that are fitting for the research park,” says John Merrill, Executive Director of Gateway. “It’s a means of access or entry to a place and we’re on the eastern side of Greensboro on one of the more prominent entries to the City.  The east is also where the sun first shines every day and new light is shed on solving problems. It’s a means of getting to a state of being and in the tech world, it connects our networks.”

The Gateway Research Park logo has slight modifications. It includes the logos and colors of both universities with a bridge between them, representing the overarching collaboration we enjoy in Gateway South and Gateway North. The arch also symbolizes our desired connectivity with our neighbors. Neighbors at Gateway South are Hayes-Taylor YMCA, Barber Park, Gateway Gardens, and surrounding neighborhoods; at Gateway North our neighbors include Bryan Park. We also intend to collaborate with any future developments that may occur in the area, including projects around connectivity the City of Greensboro and the community have planned for East Greensboro.

Our tagline is “Where Collaboration Stimulates Innovation,” consistent with our ongoing message, and the website URL is now Soon there will be new signs at each location entrances.

John adds, “We prefer referencing ‘Gateway’ when talking about our locations rather than simply the initials.  So, you’ll hear ‘Gateway South’ and ‘Gateway North’ when we’re identifying a particular site.”

(C) Gateway Research Park

Gateway touts its shorter name, other changes