CARY – Epic Games is promising to disclose plenty of secrets and insider tips for the 250 million or so Fortnite fans around the world through a new book.

Rick Smith is editor and cofounder of WRAL TechWire

The “Official Fortnite Battle Royale Survival Guide” is set to launch at bookstores and online next Tuesday. With the “official” guide, Epic is offering an endorsed alternative to a host of other books from a variety of publishers.

As if privately held Epic hasn’t reportedly made hundreds of millions – if not billions – of dollars off the video game that has become a pop culture phenomenon, the book is Epic’s attempt to capitalize on the market for information, tools, board games and action figures. There have been tie-ins with mega blockbuster Avenger movies.

The cash flow has made Epic worth as much as $8 billion and its owner Tim Sweeney a billionaire, according to Bloomberg News and other reports. Epic is also viewed as a “unicorn” in private equity circles, having raised hundreds of millions from investors such as Tencent and Disney.

Now comes print.

The guide will retail for a modest $12.99 with discounts already available for pre-order.

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers is the publisher.

“This full-color, hardcover handbook includes all the top tips and tricks you’ll need to dominate Battle Royale!,” Epic promises.

“From basic gameplay to more advanced maneuvers, this handbook lists all the essential tips and tricks you need to become the last player standing. Immerse yourself in island walk-throughs, weapon rundowns, combat hacks, building guides, team tactics, and more.”

The official Fortnite guide from Epic Games

In promoting the book, Epic says it will feature:

  • FULL ISLAND GUIDE: All the key places to land and loot—and how to get around the island with ease.
  • SNEAKY SURVIVAL TACTICS: Smart ways to use the Storm to your benefit, top tips for building your way out of trouble, and the outfit options that offer the best camouflage.
  • HOW TO FIGHT BETTER AND SMARTER: Crazy and creative ideas for using game elements to your advantage, whether playing solo or in a team.

In the past, Epic has turned to publishing to promote its games, especially “Gears of War” with popular sci-fi author Karen Traviss churning out several titles.

With Fortnite, who knows, perhaps Epic will produce a best-seller and add more to its – pardon the pun – already epic cash haul.

Not that Epic hasn’t encountered controversy with the game, from a recent report at Polygon saying that Epic workers are under tremendous pressure to maintain Fortnite, the lawsuits about characters, another about privacy, and the challenge of dealing with cheaters as prizes for players in various events continues to rise.

But the money keeps rolling in.

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